A large peach and tomato arrived at Hitomi Law Office from the direct sales office of JA Kinosato!


JA Ki no Sato is located in the center of the northern agricultural zone of Wakayama Prefecture, where the Kino River, a first-class river, flows.


We received a message from a customer who visited Mekkemon Plaza, a large farmer’s market where fresh, safe, and secure agricultural products are sold.


Customer: Are the tomatoes okay? We’ll send it to you if it’s okay.


The peaches may still be hard, but we sent them together.


Hitomi Law Office: We love tomatoes and peaches! Thank you very much!!


Thank you for your continued kindness.


Please don’t worry about it, but thank you.


With the sunshine and the blessings of nature, please stay healthy forever.


I’ve heard that the JA directly managed sales floor is really rich in agricultural products, and I would like to go there once.


It seems that it can also be shipped nationwide from the direct sales office. Every season, our customers have sent us Hitomi Law Office, and we are always grateful from the bottom of our hearts.


In the summer, the peach market is crowded and seems to be especially crowded. When you open the box, it is so fresh that you can smell the scent of peaches in the room.


It is said that delicious tomatoes are more about the origin than the variety. Vegetables that are freshest during the season are the most delicious and nutritious.


It’s June, and it’s already getting hot in Osaka, so as soon as they arrived, we washed it under running water and put them in the refrigerator.


Even if you wash it under running water, the peaches and tomatoes are firm, and yet they are already ready to eat.


If vegetables and fruits are soaked in water for too long, nutrients will flow out, so it is basic to use running water.


Large, beautiful, fresh tomatoes and peaches.


All the staff of Hitomi Law Office are grateful and will take care of it.


We will all eat it in no time, but we will cool it in the refrigerator for a little while to keep it fresh.


The fridge is full of summer favorites of peaches and tomatoes. Thanks to our kind customer, we can indulge in bliss for a while.


We‘ve just tried to make the first novelty (* a free product made by companies and others with the company name or product name for PR), so we decided to give it to the customer as a thank you for sending us fruits and vegetables.


It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the red color is metallic red foil stamping.


Foil stamping is the process of attaching foils such as gold and silver, and a metal mold is used to crimp the foil.


The pink and light blue of the Hitomi Law Office logo cannot be used with this processing technology, so it is all metallic red.


We tried to make about 100 copies, so we will send them free of charge to customers who have consulted with Hitomi Law Office in the past, so please contact us if you like. It will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


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