30代 福岡県 N様女性


Today, Sunday, Hitomi Law Office received a lot of fresh tomatoes from a customer in Fukuoka Prefecture.


Fukuoka Prefecture, which is blessed with magnificent nature and a warm climate, is home to tomato cultivation.


In consideration of not being damaged, it was sent by cool delivery.


It’s abrupt, but do you like tomatoes?


Oh, I wrote it for a long time, but I love everything I eat, including tomatoes. There are no food picky eaters.


Tomatoes grown in sandy areas


I have been captivated by people who grow vegetables in the sand, and have been pursuing them since Showa 63.


Please enjoy the confident “Den” tomatoes with a good balance of umami, sweetness, and sourness.


It is packed with pulp and has a rich flavor, so please try it for various dishes.


Good luck with your work, I’ll send you tomatoes (laughs).


The message from this customer was an encouragement for a word leaked by a Gyouseishoshi Lawyer below, about our old part-time worker, which was the wake why the customer contacted and consulted with Hitomi Law Office. We are grateful for this miracle of chance.


I haven’t been in touch with her for many years, but I’m sure I’ll get in touch with her someday, so I’m going to do my best as a Gyoseishoshi Lawyer until then (laughs).
There are a lot of things in life, especially when you’re young.
Knowing that there is someone who has warmly watched over her will be an encouragement for her in the future. Once again, I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity.


It is said that cherry tomatoes contain 1.5 times more lycopene than ordinary tomatoes. It seems that the staff of Hitomi Law Office can maintain their health deliciously by having such a high nutrient cherry tomato that is also active as a functional vegetable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


We received this from a civil servant who works at a certain government office in Osaka.


Of course, but it’s not a bribe.


For many years now, every time a Gyoiseshoshi Lawyer visited the government office for a certain permit and licensing work, he would greet him/her, come all the way from a far to talk to, and sometimes complain about the performance of the work of other Gyoseishoshi Lawyers in Osaka.


One time, on the day off of the civil servant, Hitomi Law Office has been contacted for a consultation with his relative.


We will not reveal the content of the consultation, but since the work was not under the jurisdiction of the Gyoseishoshi Lawyer, we introduced our affiliated lawyer.


We were adamant that we didn’t need any thanks, but we also thought it would be rude for his relatives to decline the grateful offer to meet us and thank us many times, so we received it with gratitude.


You never know where and what kind of connection you have.


As a nationwide Hitomi Law Office that is open seven days a week, we also come into contact with many public servants working in government offices on a daily basis.


We wish to continue to be a Hitomi Law Office where even public servants want to consult with our Gyoseishsohi Lawyers if something happens to them.


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