We’ve received nice messages, wine, cheese, butter, and spirit of the gift from our client. お客様から素敵なメッセージとワイン、チーズ、バター、温かいお心遣いが届きました。

Hello, there.
We’ve received nice books you sent us. The book tells how to develop good handwriting. We thank you for sending all 3 of our family one book for each.
These days, because my mind is not clear, the letters wouldn’t flow out of themselves. I’d love to start calligraphy.
Today we’re visiting the Hiruzen-Kogen Highlands for relaxing our minds with fresh air in a healthy environment and some great scenery.

We’re wondering which souvenirs are good for you.
Do you like dairy products like milk and cheese? If you like alcohol, there’s Hiruzen Wine. Please don’t hesitate to request.

Do you know this comment made by Ms. Chizuko Ueno, a Japanese sociologist and Japan’s best known feminist.
“Common sense among old Japanese men is unreasonable among Japanese women.”
She said this as a sarcasm toward Tokyo 2020 Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori.
This is also her word.
“Common sense in Japan is unreasonable in today’s world.”

I believe the super hero in Kyoto University during 1968-1970 must’ve been Ms. Chizuko Ueno.
I expect you to be so powerful like Ms. Chizuko Ueno as well. However, don’t push yourself too much.
Please let me know if there are any dietary restrictions, so I can prepare accordingly.

Mount Hiruzen has three peaks and is part of the Daisen-Oki National Park in Okayama and Tottori prefecture.


The dairy products are sourced from nearby farms in Hiruzen.


Wild vine grown in Hiruzen is rich in polyphenols and has a fruity flavor like cassis.


We imagined clear air, soothing water and a paradise of herbs in Hiruzen Kogen Highlands.


When times are dark, kindness and love are a light that guides us through. We thank our clients so much for soft and devoted heart.



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