行政書士開業秘話~Branding for Hitomi Law Office amidst Global turmoil

After I wrote the previous blog, my male friend who is a gyoseishoshi lawyer in Osaka sent me a message from LINE that he had a contact from another gyoseishoshi about Hitomi Law Office latest blog if it’s holding truth. (It was a surprise and honor for me to know so many gyoseishoshi lawyers are reading our office blogs!!)


These are some cool souvenirs from our visitors last week!!


I’d like to thank that gyoseishoshi for questioning so that I could grab my readers’ attention by explaining more as some might also have wondered in the same way why I faced huge student debt straight after studies at university even my parents’ jobs were policeman and elementary school teacher both of which are thought to be with adequate salaries.



When you think about assets, you may come up with financial assets easily, but there are also intangible assets such as health, knowledge, social relasionships with neighbors and so on. I think my family lacked in time and communication which strengthen family bond.


My parents got divorced when I was about 3 years old, and I could see my father who was a policeman only few hours in several months in my childhood.


He always looked sad to see me wearing soiled clothing or clothing that is significantly too small and started complaining about my mother which brought me much sadness so I tried to look cheerful and happy and when my father asked me if I’m doing OK at school, I always ansered I’m having fun there.


My mother was not a bad or mean person either. She was taking care of my grandmother as working full-time as a teacher, and she couldn’t manage her mental heath on a busy schedule, I now think. I remember seeing my mother’s diary once that was written she got hurt when 6th graders of her class made fun of her saying that their teacher smells.


If I wrote down all the episode which is quite unique compared with Japanese so called average family, I suppose that would be too long to end so let me move forward, but before that I’d like to state my opinion about recent Japanese western city Akashi, Hyogo supplying sanitary napkins for free at municipal schools and public facilities from this April in a bid to support women thrown into an economic predicament due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


According to a survey by a citizens’ group called Minnna no Seiri, one in five students and others had difficulty obtaining menstrual sanitary goods due to financial reasons over the past year.


I saw many tweets criticizing this city’s decision as it’s just waste of tax, insisting that those women who can’t even afford napkins should receive public assistance but there is a story behind every person. I believe it is very kind of Akashi Mayor to respond to womens’ struggles as their voices are hard to be noticed as it is difficult for them to speak out about the problem.


Heart-touching gift from our female client.


My experience in mychildhood has kept me aware that if I devote every moment of my day to working for making money, I may deplete my other vital intangible asstes and once depleted, it’ll be difficult to rebuild them.  To make long lives great in this aging society, I want to be productive and aloso healthy physically and mentally to be able to work into my 70s.


My career experience in recruit group has proved me that although quite a lot of peple actually wish to work into their 70s, but corporations are very ageist and don’t want to employ people over the age of 50(might be younger for women). One of the reasons I heard often from the careers sections of many corporations is that they worry about the social complications of putting elderly employees under th supervision of younger ones.


Before the resignation of Recruit Company, I planned on becoming a lawyer as there’s basically no mandatory age for retirement and accepted a job position in the legal fields to gain experience before actually applying to law school, but I lasted only several months before quitting in order to reside at the Domestic Violence Shelter in Tokyo escaping from a male stranger who was following me.


Feeling lost and couldn’t even fall into the social security (although all citizens in Japan have right to receive public assistance under the law, the reality is that 80% of people who are eligible for this welfare system actually are not receiving it which relate to my current job as a Gyoseishoshi Lawyer to help people requiring public assistance by wriing application forms), I decided to work at home safely to pay the bills and figure out my next steps.


Through connections from those work at home (thanks to this internet society, there are fine home-based jobs), I dedicated a lot of time to volunteering at local women’s shelter since I had always had a strong interest in human rights protection which also opened my eyes to the field of law again and soon learned I wanted to study more.


As the field of law provides a diverse and vast opportunity for knowledge acquisition and there simply isn’t enough time to learn everything. That is why many people who want to become Gyoseishoshi Lawyers choose to go to the vocational school to study smarter and not harder, in my opinion.


Some schools offer accelearated programs to be able to get through faster while on the other hand for whom want to slow things down, offer part-time programs. Working professionals can attend in the evenings or on weekends but I didn’t go to such schools for just one clear purpose; to save money.


Below are my techniques and strategies that had facilitated my low cost study of the law and also prepared somehow for my career success.


1.Study plan to help maximize the effectiveness of the knowledge acquisition

First, I developed a study plan for the exam. I’ve alwayed thought since I was a student there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything but there is enough time when planed carefully.


Detemining the most efficient and effective use of my time, I planed when to review sessions, complete everything I needed in order to succeed in the exam and take practice exams.


Studying law requires the need to remember and recall large volumes of information such as precedent so I tried to be strategic and allocate my time and efforts in a way that will help me as a working single mother succeed not only for the exam but also in my future career. Below I’ll introduce you my study techniques and strategies that had facilitated my study of law and prepared me for career success.


2. The process of preparing for each learning is vital to mastery

If we don’t do anything with our new knowledge for a while, it will fade fast. It is often said that learning needs to be repeated several times before it sticks. I remember things best immediately after I’ve read them, so when I was a student, I woke up every morning at 3 in the morning (go to bed at 9 p.m. so that I can sleep 6 hours which was minimum hours for me to keep health) to prepare for each day’s classes. I did the same thing for the study of Gyoseishoshi exam.


3.Review the day’s task Immediately

I spent a few minutes reviewing new information which I learned in that day. I looked through the material again and added to any notes that I’ve already made and I explained key points out loud. To use time efficiently, I always took a voice recorder with me and I listed to my recorded voice in the train or as walking home or even on my bedside till I fall asleep (I joked about this as sleeping study, but it was effective.)


4.Move information into my long-term memory by Further Reviews

Not only I reviewed material immediately, I also scheduled further reviews because it’s vital to review frequently by repeated effort to move information into my long-term memory. Researchers say that each time you review information, you should wait a little longer before doing so again. I tried to revisit my learning at regular intervals, like after my initial review, I scheduled another one after a day, then after a week, two weeks, a month.


5.Organization is crucial: Use mobile device for scheduling time

I set Google Calendar auto reminders to notify me when it’s time for my next review which has turned out to be useful way of time management after I started my office as a Gyoseishoshi lawyer. Google Calendar allows me to organize my daily multiple tasks or meetings and remind me of those crucial enents. I think it’s an excellent free tool for Gyoseishoshi Lawyers who have multiple things to do every day and need complete essential preparation before it takes place.


6.I taught my daughter what I studied

One of the most powerful ways to embed information is to teach someone. My daughter was a good pupil for me and I explained to her what I’ve been learning. She seemed having fun learning new things with her mother and so was I. This method of telling someone new learning can boost confidence to use and apply knowledge you have just acquired which also has trained me the skill as a Gyoseishoshi Lawyer in which accountability has become increasingly important.
My daughter asked me questions about law which tested my knowledge even more deeply and strengthened my grasp in the process. She is now studying hard to become a lawyer.


I have to say I’m going off- topic of ‘Branding for Hitomi Law Office amidst Global turmoil’ and taking way too long to finish, so I’ll try to ascertain comfort level and switch gears to the point next time!!


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