名誉棄損の損害賠償~女性行政書士による内容証明、本人訴訟から和解まで~ My case in Defamation Lawsuit Without an Attorney


Cyberbullying and defamation have become serious problems not only in Japan but in many countries worldwide as the digital space has expanded because of advanced technology.


Although cyberbullying and face-to-face bullying both hurt people, there are some important differences; anonymity and incalculable deffusiveness.


A single nasty problematic post can spread like wildfire in just a matter of seconds and moreover, it leaves a digital footprint which is a matter of public record.


Some people are dismissive of bullying in general, but studies show that libel affects peple like loss of self-esteem, anxiety and depression regardless of their gender or age. In Japan, Libel and slander are not just actionable civil offences but they can also be crimes.


It is much easier physically and mentally to navigate the court system with a lawyer, but it is still possible to sue someone for defamation without hiring a lawyer and save money. The court will charge a filing fee, which you can recoup from the defendant if you win the suit.


This is a settlement agreement for a female Japanese gyoseishoshi (which is me) filing a defamation lawsuit without an attoney. In exchange for the payment of money in installments, I released my claim aganst perpetrator.


Negotiating a defamation settlement is generally thought to be a complex process as calculating lost earnings capacity or lost business opportunities can be quite difficult. In my case, I had made my position clear from the beginning of negotiation at the court that I won’t agree with the amount if it is lower than which I had written in the demand letter before filing a lawsuit. As a result, both parties could save time by settling with the amount lower than which I demanded at the lawsuit but higher than which I demanded in the demand letter.


There are numbers of reasons I (a gyoseishoshi ) think it is better to settle cases as lawsuits can be expensive and it is hard to predict the outcomes and on top of it, mostly it takes a very long time before resolution.

名誉棄損の損害賠償~女性行政書士による内容証明、本人訴訟から和解まで~ My case in Defamation Lawsuit Without an Attorney”へ1件のコメント

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