生活保護と人権~自死により恋人を失ったお客様からのお手紙 Public assistance and human rights~ Letter from our Client who lost her partner To Suicide

Hi, this is Hitomi Miki, a female Gyoseishoshi Lawyer of Hitomi Law Office. It’s been a while since my last blog dated 15 October 2021.

Last month, Japanese famous magazine SPA! focused on poverty in their featured article with approximately 20 pages long and my opinion as a Gyoseishoshi Lawyer had also been released with them. Several media including Yahoo Japan has also released my interview article.

I was so grateful for having that chance to speak out about correct information on Japanese public assistance program and my words widely broadcasted through several major media. I have been dedicated to getting better and figuring out what is better for my customers who are in poverty for my job as a Gyoseishoshi Lawyer, but not only that, I have my own experience that I felt I was left behind by local authority when I was in real poverty about 20 years ago.

An average annual income of single mother households is relatively low and you may be shocked to hear that nearly one out of every six children in Japan live in poverty.


        カナダの子どもの貧困率: 11.8%
According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Japan has a relatively high child poverty rate among major countries, with 13.5 percent of those aged 17 and younger living in households with incomes lower than half of the national median disposable income as of 2018. The child poverty rate in the same 2018 was 12.4% in Britain, 11.8 % in Canada, 11.7 % in France for instance.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is promoting the digital transformation of society and as part of that policy, the Japanese government has decided to create a database to store various information about children including family economic conditions and academic abilities in an attempt to prevent child poverty and abuse.

The hesitancy of children and parents in seeking assistance from local authorities when they face difficulties comes partly from prejudice toward public assistance and people who are using it.

Although I am a Gyoseishoshi Lawyer, a certified expert authorized to prepare documents to be submitted to a public agency in order to gain license or approval through my extensive expertise backed by my experience, I believe support that does not need to be applied for is needed as many children and parents feel ashamed to ask for public assistance in Japan.

It may shock you to know the fact, but I’d like to introduce a letter I got on 12th December, 2021 from my female client who lost her boyfriend to suicide both in Japanese/English. She told me that it’s important that real stories are told to help others empathize with survivors of suicide loss and also there is hope and treatment for those who are suffering. 

三木 ひとみ様
Dear Ms. Hitomi Miki Gyoseishoshi Lawyer,

(Removing Personally Identifiable Information)

It was easy to read and understand the cartoons about poverty in SPA!.

It seems like I’m watching a lot more television amid the coronavirus pandemic. Many people are dying everyday but not just from COVID-19.

There are people in poverty and those who can’t afford to go to the hospital, and public assistance has not functioned adequately in Japan and applicants are often turned away from the welfare office.

I have just e-mailed Ms. Hitomi Miki Gyoseishoshi Lawyer that I wish everyone should receive public assistance who are eligible for benefits.

Does every young person really work? Well, some of them might be very sick or disabled.

I once was romantically involved with a man in the past.

He was dependent upon alcohol and sleep medication, but I couldn’t leave him. We talked a lot and he admitted to his problem and to get the necessary help to overcome it by going to the hospital.

The doctor diagnosed his illness as alcohol epilepsy. I realized I couldn’t deal with it so I took him to the welfare office in order to apply for public assistance.

However, as a result of so-called mizugiwa strategy, we were turned away from the welfare office. Although the local government in Yokohama city didn’t even have ears to listen, we had no choice but to visit once in a week and turned away and then, again visit them to beg for help next week.

Then I found your Gyoseishoshi Office website on Google by chance.

It took quite a lot of courage for me to call you, but you were so kind and quick to call the local government office in Yokohama for us the next day I called you.

You were also depressed by local authorities because they didn’t move at all. You had asked them to visit his house to help him for many times, but they repeatedly said no.

I was nervous he would bleed out and die that weekend because he was either in a fugue state or unconscious the whole time. I did care about him deeply, but I was too young to introduce that trauma into my life and I didn’t have enough money to support his life. He was calm of face and that only relieved me but he passed on the next morning, the day I was getting ready to take him to the hospital for second diagnostic tests.

There were particular risks associated with drinking alcohol for him with epilepsy. When my boyfriend had a seizure, he cracked his head again and again. After his death, I saw so much blood flowed into a large puddle in his head by ultrasonography.

I heard when he got hit in the head, brain bruising and bleeding might have occurred. Immediately the police arrived and wanted me to speak about everything I saw. I needed rest but I couldn’t. I was flooded with questions and comments from the police although their questions were standard and they followed protocol.

Police told me an autopsy should be carried out to investigate the cause of death. I never thought I’d be personally impacted by suicide. I was feeling I’d rather be dead than live without my loved one. I’m so sorry I might have raised my voice at you.

Two days later, the police called me and said there were no signs for crime after the search for the cause. The pain of losing him was unbearable. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I couldn’t get out of bed. The realization that I’ll never be able to hold each other again teared my heart out.

Everything you did for me was appreciated. Thank you so much for care and attention you gave me. You assured me that the financial aspect is taken care of by the local government , the costs associated with the end of his life including payment for the hospital and cremation costs. However, my heart was still sinking and while mourning a significant loss, fears and anxieties arose.

I still fixate on how I failed to save him. I blame myself for not taking him to the hospital early enough. His death was preventable.

Is there anyone refusing needed care exclusively because of concerns about cost?

If you are having a hard time providing the basics for you or your family (including food, heat or medical care), there is help available in Japan. It’s not same to use those services.

The central government wants us to use public assistance which guarantees the right to existence based on Article 25 of the Constitution of Japan and Taro Yamamoto, the leader of Reiwa Shinsengumi (a political party in Japan) was claiming out loud to receive financial assistance from the authorities.

Since the coronavirus outbreak and its pandemic, Japanese economy has been sliding into a great depression as the Japanese government implemented indirect suspension of economy without adequate compensation, just asking people to stay home. Consequently, many people lost their jobs or declined lower salaries by their employers.

Follow your bliss, and you can eventually open doors where there were only walls. You haven’t even seen the world yet. You mustn’t die in vain.

If you are starving with no money, please apply for public assistance.

I’ve been there. You don’t feel quite so alone. Even if you didn’t actually feel like you were alive, you should continue living because things could get better. Things had been going downhill for a long time for me and I had been suffering with severe anxiety. I experienced a constant feeling of dread in my stomach and tension headaches but I did start to make changes.

Getting help from Gyoseishoshi Lawyer, I am now relieved and so my family and friends. Government programs are funded by each and every working Japanese and designed to be used by those same people.

For the past few years, through help from Gyoseishoshi Lawyer I’ve been fortunate. Hitomi Miki helps me by writing letters or making difficult phone calls on behalf of me.

If you or someone you know needs help, call or email Hitomi Law Office and get in touch with them.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Cold temperatures are expected to continue over the next couple of months so please remain sensitive to issues of safety. Warm regards,
From K

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