大学で生活保護の講義を行いました~Introducing relevant insight about public assistance at university ~


Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Miki Hitomi was invited to speak about public assistance in Japan during a fundamental law class lesson on December 13 at the Tokyo University of Technology.


Rather than providing a detailed overview of public assistance, I wanted to spark meaningful dialogue that perhaps may never have surfaced among young students.


I began with this question as I was so curious. “Please raise your hand and let me know, if you happen to know this book “Can I receive public assistance?”


A hand went up and I was relieved.


Most students are not really interested to read newspaper and rather choose to read books or surf news-online to get information for their assignments or research.
I encouraged young students to read newspapers as they offer a lot of information.


In response to the effects of COVID-19 crisis, a variety of direct and indirect financing support and measures have been introduced by Japanese government. The change was seen also in the field of public assistance.


The tendency of increased news reports about public assistance in the media is drastic change and the writer of my book “Can I receive public assistance?” article was astonished by the result, so many newspapers picked up the article about my book.


Beautiful postcard from our client in Aomori prefecture. The cherry blossoms at night of Hirosaki Castle (Hirosaki Park) are chosen as one of the best three in Japan.


Postponed or cancelled events led to a decline in revenues for the organizers and those small enterprises were particularly vulnerable to the external shock. There were prolonged and deeper impact of COVID-19 on various business sectors.


Let me introduce from the left. Mr. Kawakami who has offered this precious opportunity and Ms. Yoshinaga, the best female Gyoseshoshi Lawyer I’ve ever met. Me and Mr. Enokida, he is the best male Gyoseishoshi Lawyer I know.


When former Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga was asked what citizens being battered economically by the COVID-19 pandemic could expect in the way of government aid, he said, “there is public assistance as a last resort in Japan”.


I spoke to students that I, as a Gyoseishoshi Lawyer who has been talking with those people in need for many years, think this is good thing that the leader of Japan announced to its people that if they really need help, they can use public assistance.


You or Anyone can rely on public assistance when it is difficult to stand alone or tap associates for aid. Don’t you think it is so ensuring there’s always public assistance program already in place for your needs?


At least, I am eternally ensured and grateful for living in Japan, not being worried about becoming homeless or scrambling for basic daily necessities such as food or clothing.


I wanted to offer and share this perspective to young students in Japan which is perhaps unlikely to encounter within a university ordinary classroom by professors or experts in their field.


Sometimes simply knowing a new voice can be the catalyst students need to become more engaged in their education.


Especially, if a student’s worries are about their basic needs, it must be harsh to concentrate on whatever study they should be engaged in.


I also talked about things which cause people to hesitate about applying public assistance and also the increasing reason for young people applying for aid.


Professor Masakata Kawakami was so kind to open up doors for opportunities for students to ask questions or discuss about the topic after a speech.


The university kindly recorded this live lecture on video so I will upload part of this lecture to my You Tube channel, hopefully before the end of 2022. Of course, it’s free.


This video lecture about public assistance is for the class of Hyogo University in 2021.

Thank you very much and I truly appreciate your warm and kind friendship. I will never ever give up on what I believe justice.

大学で生活保護の講義を行いました~Introducing relevant insight about public assistance at university ~”へ1件のコメント

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